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Becoming a Professional Drummer

Lenny Gee March 2013

First let me say that not all kids have a father that’s a professional drummer and drum teacher and not all drum teachers’ kids go on to be professional drummers. Having said that, they may have an edge to being around music and playing all of their lives but anyone that starts our early and is dedicated to improving on their instrument through proper drum instruction, practice and then finding a ways to play in real life situations has an opportunity to become a professional drummer.

Lenny Gee April 2013

A new sports season is upon us, I hear it all of the time, my son or daughter is playing soccer, football, baseball or basketball. I’m sure it is no surprise that with sports there will be sports injuries. One good thing is that it pretty much takes 4 limbs to play the drums unlike other instruments. 

September is a great time to restart!

Lenny Gee August 2013

Fall is upon us and a great time to reevaluate your musical goals you set in January. It’s like getting another chance. New school years begins and time to review those goals you set for the year by scheduling your lessons and practice at a regular time each week and time of day. Perhaps you decided to take the summer off and thinking it is going to be hard to fit my lessons back into my schedule. If your music lessons are important to you, you will find a way to schedule them in. Music is a gift in itself. Being able to actual play an instrument is another gift.

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