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Parent & Student Testimonials

Best drum teacher in the South Bay hands down. Lenny is patient, and pays very close attention to your technique and helps you work on what NEEDS work and will also teach you whatever you want at the same time and is compassionate and generous with his time. I've had other teachers and he has me on the right track FINALLY, I feel like I will be able to make a living as a drummer! He was taught by many of the best and most famous drummers in the world! I can't say enough about him, if you're serious about being a PROFESSIONAL drummer look nowhere else!!!! Brandon J


Lenny G is a great teacher! My son has been a student of his for almost 2 years and we have seen consistent progress. Lenny is a mature, patient, enthusiastic and well educated drum instructor. He has a well thought out lesson plan that will take you from a complete beginner to the professional level and all in between. His two sons are also professional working drummers and very good at it thanks to their fathers ability to enable them with the tools and technique required to succeed. I shopped around the area and tried other drum instructors that don't even come close to the sincere concern for the student like Lenny does. He wants you to enjoy music and he has the skill to teach you what you want to learn. This is money well invested. Thank you Lenny Giachello! Bryan D


Drumming is a passion to Lenny and it comes across when he teaches. He brings a wealth of knowledge having studied under some of the most accomplished master teachers in the world; Joe Porcaro (Father of Jeff Porcaro from Toto), Elvin Jones (John Coltranes drummer) and Sonny Igoe. I have enjoyed a lifelong pursuit of music and percussion learning as much as I can along the way, 10 years ago I found Lenny and my technique has never been better. I have advanced my hand skills, my site reading and broadened my abilities across Jazz, Rock and the musicality of my drum style when playing with other musicians. Lenny is exceptional at teaching the fundamentals, music theory, site reading and advanced techniques. I highly recommend Lenny Giachello as one of the best drum instructors in the South Bay, actually, he is one of the best anywhere! Kelly A


If you want to play drums, and play them correctly, then Lenny Giachello is the man for you.  I learned from the Double Ratamacue to  the Moeller Technique, and even played a few Beatles and Stones.  Thanks to Mr. G, I learned to read and coordinate my playing.  His price is beyond reasonable, and what I like the most from his lessons is the patience he has with me.  Oh, and the stories he tells are fascinating.  So if you decide to learn to play drums, Lenny is your man.  He will not only make you a better drummer, he will make you a better person. Richard D


"Lessons with Lenny are great. Lessons are very enjoyable and Lenny makes learning the drums a wonderful experience. Practicing is fun, and playing the drums has become one of my greatest passions. Lenny always urges me to do my best."   Alycia P 


“Lenny, thank you so much for being the greatest drum teacher ever!!! You have taught me so much about drums. Ever since my first lesson, every time I have come back it makes me want to keep coming. You make it so much fun! I really love the drums and I really want to keep playing! Thank you so much. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Sincerely,” Grant K   


“Hi, my name is Travis and I've been taking lessons from Lenny for about 8 years. I have come a long way with my knowledge on sight reading and notation, rebound and accent control. As well as song structure, Lenny has given me an appreciation for all types of music. Lenny teaches me everything from jazz to rock and roll. Lenny makes learning a fun process, so I enjoy going to lessons and practicing each week.” Travis C  

“Dear Lenny, Thank you for being such a good teacher and giving me so much extra time and being patient when I was doing badly. Thank you for being an awesome drum teacher and teaching me to play the right way. Thank you for always helping me find the right way.” Kenny L 

  “Over the course of 8 years, I have been a student of Lenny. I did not know what to except at the beginning of my lessons and later found that there was much to be learned. Lenny is a skilled instructor who knows how to patiently break down skills into understandable parts for his students. One of the most challenging aspects of teaching is how to easily transfer knowledge. Lenny is a very personable and encouraging instructor who motivates his students to do well. With no doubt, I will refer future drummers to Lenny.” Andrew E   


“My drum lessons with Lenny are a miracle because I have wanted to take drums all of my life. I would not want another teacher because just a few short weeks with him I understood how to read notes and I learned all the different symbols it is the best ever but the only thing is I don't like practicing but sometimes I do it for him. He has met a lot of famous people in his time like Elvin Jones, Joe Porcaro and Jeff Porcaro. He's had really good drum teachers and that's how he can teach us very good, he is the best.” Nicholas J   

“I have been taking lessons from Lenny throughout middle school, and now high school. My love for drums has grown greatly since I first began. He has the patience and fun personality to work with kids of all ages. I have played for 4 years now.” Kevin I    “I got drum lessons for x-mas in 2005 and it has been the best present ever. Lenny is a really nice guy and he is great at drumming. He makes sure you do your practice at home and makes sure you understand it.” Brian R 

Dear Lenny, 
Thank you so much for all the years of helping me to develop my drumming skills. I have learned so much and I don’t know what I would be doing now without you. Thank you for everything you have done for me and I hope I comeback someday! I couldn’t have asked for a better drum teacher.  Thanks for everything,       Brandon S. 

My son Jonathan has been taking drum lessons with Lenny for over two years. He has been a great instructor to Jonathan and explains things very well. Since he has been taking lessons this has helped Jonathan build up his motor skills a lot and Lenny has helped him build up his confidence in his playing and in himself. We have been very pleased with his teaching and Lenny skills. Karen R 
“Hi my name is Christi. I have been taking lessons with Lenny for about 2 yrs and ever since Lenny has encouraged me to pursue my drumming. He is a very knowledgeable teacher. He has been very patient with me and always had great advice when I could not play a certain portion of the lesson. Lenny has not only helped me with my drumming, but he has also given me great advice about what I should do about different problems that occurred with my band. His flexible schedule really helped me juggle school, drums and softball. Lenny is an awesome instructor, drummer and friend.     Christi G   

“Hi my name is Ashley K.  I have been taking lessons with Lenny since 3rd grade which is 3 1/2 years and has been an awesome experience. He is great teacher and is extremely patient.”   

I enjoy taking lessons with Lenny. I have been playing the drums for three and half years. It's a lot of fun and I always enjoy my lessons.” Joe R    


“Lenny G is a great teacher and person in general. He is always happy and teaches the drums very well.” Cody F   


“Hi my name Meg, Lenny is a great teacher because be not only teaches you the rhythms but is also patient in making sure you know the technique. Not only is he a teacher, but he is also a good friend. He doesn't intimidate me like other teachers do. I can tell him things that I talk about with my friends. I have learned it is easier to learn from him because he has strict teachings but always encourages you to do better and never to back down when challenged with a new piece. If I didn't learn from Lenny, I'd probably not be able to even notice the beats in music and have better coordination like I do today.” Meg I 

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